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Best GI cancer Robotic surgeon in Delhi -Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Benefits of robotic surgery

  • Precise and accurate surgery
  • Reach to difficult and inaccessible areas
  • No large incision
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimum postoperative pain
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Prevention of nerves

Robotic GI Colo-rectal Cancer surgery: daVinci Xi technology for precision cancer surgery

The world has witnessed a sea of change in the surgical world in the last decade. Cancer care has improved dramatically. We are now moving from a radical approach towards precision surgery, accurate surgery and Robotic GI cancer Surgery is a part of it.

Surgery is an important aspect of treatment of solid cancers including colon and rectal cancer. Minimal access cancer surgery has redefined the outcome of surgical procedures including major GI cancer surgery of colon and rectum. Minimal access cancer surgery can be performed by Laparoscopy and Robotic DaVinci Xi system. Combining surgical skills with technology has wonderful results.

If we talk about Robotic surgery and gastrointestinal cancer, it is done only at few limited centres. Robotic GI cancer surgery is safe. The combination of magnified stereoscopic 3 D vision and versatile Robotic endowrist helps in minimal tissue handling, better control and tissue dissection with patient safety. Surgery in difficult and inaccessible areas happens with ease with the daVinci Xi robotic system especially in pelvic surgery, robotic rectal cancer surgery.

Best Robotic Cancer Treatment in Delhi, NCR

No large incision, faster recovery, minimal postoperative pain, reduced hospital stay is true for Robotic GI cancer surgery.

Robotic GI colorectal cancer surgery also results in improved functions, both urinary and sexual function. Robotic surgery offers better function preservation and nerve preservation, nerves supplying the vital pelvic, normally difficult to identify with naked eyes. Sexual function is an important in young individuals, unfortunately less discussed and addressed issue especially in females.

Best Hospital for Robotic Cancer Surgery in Delhi, NCR

When a patient who has undergone a complex surgery like Robotic rectal cancer surgery, tells you that he/she has intact urinary bladder and sexual function in particular, as a Robotic surgeon you feels satisfied & happy. It makes your day.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar is a Robotic Cancer Specialist Surgeon in Delhi. +91 98691 22384 to book an appointment for Robotic Specialist for Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon at an affordable cost in Delhi, NCR.