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MBBS, MS, MCh, ESSO, Robotic Cancer surgery training, PIPAC

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar has a vast exposure in the field of Oncology.


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Best abdominal cancer doctor in delhi

Abdominal cancer

Stomach disease is a strange development of cells that starts in the stomach. The stomach is a strong sac situated in the upper center of your mid-region.

Best HIPEC and Peritoneal Surface Oncologist in New Delhi

HIPEC surgery

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) medical procedure is a two-venture method that treats specific diseases in the midsection.

Best GI cancer Robotic surgeon in Delhi

Robotic Cancer Surgery

The da Vinci® Careful Framework is a mechanical medical procedure framework that offers an insignificantly obtrusive option in contrast.

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Best Surgical Oncologist in Delhi

If you're searching for a top surgical oncologist in Delhi, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar stands out with his exceptional expertise and over 14 years of experience. Specializing in gastrointestinal and minimally invasive cancer surgeries, Dr. Kumar is renowned for his advanced skills and compassionate care. Currently serving at Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center, he is dedicated to providing the highest standard of cancer treatment in Delhi.

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Best GI cancer doctor in delhi
Best GI cancer doctor in delhi

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology, Robotic Surgeon and HIPEC Specialist, Abdominal & Pelvic Cancer Expert, Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar worked independently at many high volume cancer centers across India

Best GI cancer doctor in delhi

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Best GI Cancer Surgeon Oncologist in Manipal hospital Dwarka Delhi

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar has vast exposure in the field of Oncology with more than 14 years of surgical experience. He worked and trained as a surgical oncologist at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India which is India's largest and best institute for cancer care.He has expertise in all subspecialties of cancer surgeries with a special interest in gastrointestinal, upper GI, Pancreatic, hepatobiliary, colorectal, minimally invasive surgery, Peritoneal surface oncology, Robotic Surgery & HIPEC, that's why he is called the best GI cancer surgeon in Delhi NCR.Dr. Sanjeev Kumar is working as a Senior consultant in Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center, Manipal Hospital, Palam Vihar, Sector 6, Dwarka, Delhi, 110075He provides satisfactory work that's why he is well known as the hipec surgery specialist doctor in Delhi, the best cancer specialist in Delhi, the Best abdominal cancer specialist in Delhi NCR. He is very passionate about his work which makes him the best cancer surgeon in Delhi NCR.

About Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar has a vast exposure in the field of Oncology with 14 years of surgical experience.

Presently, he works at Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center, Delhi.

  • Consultant
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Robotic Surgeon
  • HIPEC Specialist
  • Abdominal & Pelvic Cancer Expert
  • Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Best GI cancer doctor in delhi
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HIPEC surgery and Peritoneal Surface Oncology

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Best GI cancer doctor in delhi

Robotic GI Colo-rectal Cancer surgery

The world has witnessed a sea of change in the surgical world in the last decade. Cancer care has improved dramatically.

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Retroperitoneal sarcoma : Symptoms and treatment

Retroperitoneal sarcoma (RPS) is a rare abdominal tumor whose diagnosis and management is challenging.

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